You Have Not Lost Me

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Written and illustrated by Gemma Russell, at her Gold Coast Home. 


Like many other children who embody the characteristics of a wallflower, as a little girl Gemma naturally turned to books to find refuge from socialising. Over the years, her love for reading evolved into a love for writing, and soon became the medium through which she discovered her voice. Writing allowed her to convey her deepest thoughts and feelings. When she began writing, Gemma felt understood for the first time in her life and it is her only hope is that she can help others to feel seen, heard and most importantly, understood through her work. As a hopeless romantic and passionate story–teller at heart, Gemma gathers most of her inspiration from love, nature, her own personal growth and the complex nature of our human existence.

Printed onto 215gsm off-white felt card. Gold leaf detail.

Prints are unframed
A4 297 x 210mm, A3 297 x 420mm