WOI Words of Introspection Journal

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A self-help tool to cultivate deeper self awareness and understanding through unleashing the inner workings of your mind. This introspective journal has been curated with thought-provoking prompts that will inspire you to explore your inner world and build a deeper connection with yourself.

Whether you're looking to establish a daily journaling practice, or seeking a tool to help you emotionally regulate, this guided journal provides a blank canvas for you to reveal your truth and gain clarity on your past, present and future. These pages invite you to reflect on your core values, question your beliefs, set intentions and find compassion for the parts of you that are still healing.

The journal's high quality paper and durable cover make it ideal for both home and on-the-go use and its matching slip box will keep your cloth cover clean while you move through the world. With its classic design and thought-provoking prompts, this guided journal makes the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship with self.