Runes for Modern Life

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From the author of the hit card deck Dream Decoder comes Runes for Modern Life! Runes are divination tools that make up an ancient alphabet system. This updated version translates their 2,000 years of wisdom for our twenty-first century needs. With cards that represent topics like prosperity, strength, defence, spirituality, travel, opportunity, joy, pleasure, disruption, energy, and more, each draw holds insight that can be applied to the many facets of life. Wondering about romance, finances, or career? Consult the runes and awaken your intuition. The deck includes: 24 cards featuring a colourful contemporary illustration along with a symbol of the runic alphabet. Detailed booklet explaining the different interpretations of each rune and various ways to use them for the present day. Packaged in a high quality, attractive box Runes, like tarot cards and the ancient Chinese divination method I Ching, are primarily divination tools. They originally spread through Europe with help from the Vikings and have helped inspire the fantasy worlds of J.R.R. Tolkein, J.K. Rowling, and George R.R. Martin. When divination is mentioned, many of us think of fortune telling. But divination is simply a means of gaining greater insight into yourself. Using a divination system such as runes can help trigger intuitive associations: when a specific rune symbol is chosen at random, the symbol is interpreted for the deeper meaning it signals. So, when you pick up a rune card from this illuminating deck, suspend disbelief and consider that you may have just picked it up for a reason. Your unconscious - the wise, intuitive part of you - guided your choice. How will you harness its wisdom? Written by Sunday Times bestselling author Theresa Cheung, an expert on dreams and spirituality, this is a perfect gift for anyone into oracle decks, tarot cards, or Norse mythology.

Artist / Author Theresa Cheung; Camilla Perkins
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Publication Date 6/04/2020
Publication Date 06/04/2020
Number of pages 24
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