Makeup Remover Pads - Set of 5

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The Breakdown

Wipe away single use beauty products!

Do you currently use wet wipe eye make-up removers? Did you know they typically contain plastic so, once they reach the sea, they last for a long time, causing havoc with marine life.

Or do you currently use disposable cotton rounds? Did you know that cotton farming has a huge environmental cost, both in water consumption and the leaching of chemicals into the eco system. They also tend to be packaged in plastic.

These reusable make-up rounds are made from bamboo and cotton and are SO lovely to use. They are gentle on sensitive skin but can also handle the toughest of mascaras - they work well with all cleansers and are a nice addition to a self care at home facial. You can keep the clean spares in the cotton net bag included, or once they're used, just place them back in their bag and pop them in your next laundry load! Easy peasy!

What You Get
5 x Reusable 80% Bamboo 20% Cotton Make-up Remover Pads with cotton wash bag
Each round measures 8.5cm diameter